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Living Authentically Events is a series of residential events led by Anne Ashton and Tarik Dervish.

The first residential event took place at Sharpham House in Devon and was a powerful blend of the ancient systems of Ayurveda and Yoga together with the fascinating framework of Transactional Analysis blended in with simple Life Coaching tools.  


Tarik Dervish is a teacher of yoga teacher and a fully qualified Ayurvedic practitioner. Find out about Tarik here:  
The second residential also took place at Sharpham Trust, near Totnes  in 2017 and a third residential took place in 2018 at Pastoral Place in Hampshire. 
It is Anne and Tarik's intention a residential on a yearly basis and preparations for 2019 and now underway. Please contact Anne or Tarik for further details.  
A few testimonials: 


"The retreat met all my expectations. Anne and Tarik were very knowledgeable about the subjects and made a very good team. The delivery was interesting, motivating and very engaging. I was very inspired and came away with new tools that will enhance my mental and physical well-being. The whole experience from start to finish was wonderful"


"I very much enjoyed the whole experience and feel more equiped to meet my new goal. More positive, inspired and relaxed"


"What a wonderful, enlightening surpise this weekend was. I would definitely revisit this course again"


"Great information, Great experience. Great people. A fantastic experience."


"I've gained new insight into myself that gives me a direction of travel for change. Lots of ideas to work on and tools to do that".


"Absolutely brilliant"


Anne also runs a selection of one day workshops including: 

Transactional Analysis for Counsellors -

Understand Transactional Analysis in a way that you can easily share with your clients to progress the work you do together. My clients love this approach and tell me it is very helpful to them.


In the workshop we will cover the basics of TA. We will begin with the ego states - how they function and how to recognise them, consider the effect of contamination, understand how our emotions get triggered and the constant battle between the Inner Critic and the Inner Child. We will look at how and why we relate to others in the way that we do, how we structure our time and invite stroking. When I teach TA, I usually find that with recognition of our ‘transactions’ comes lots of laughter!


Numbers in the workshop are limited to a maximum of 12 and the workshop will be interactive.


The Life Script 


In Transactional Analysis it is said that we begin to write our Life Script at birth and by the time we are four years old, the essentials of the plot are decided. By seven, all the main details are filled in. Have your heard the phrase ‘give me a boy until he’s seven, and I’ll show you the man’? The same applies to girls/women of course!


This workshop can be a follow-on from the TA workshop but it does stand alone. Participants will be supplied with a Life Script questionnaire prior to the workshop and we will spend the day identifying the main plot in our Life Script, the heroes and the villains and decide whether it is comical, tragic, boring or magical. We will become aware of family myths, the behaviours we unconsciously choose and the people we unconsciously attract that serve to edge us closer to our script outcome or payoff. We will analyse our Scripts with the understanding that becoming aware of our unconscious motives give us the power and the choice to make changes.


Numbers in the workshop are limited to a maximum of 12 and the workshop will be interactive.







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