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Life Coaching


Life Coaching will help you to achieve personal projects, business projects, transitions and changes in your personal life, relationships or profession.


You may already have a goal that you want to achieve and yet find it difficult to sustain the necessary momentum in order to achieve that goal. Or you may feel overwhelmed with necessary planning and detail, or self-doubt.  


We will consider what resources you need in order to achieve your goals. Consider what will life look like when you have achieved your goal and how it might change you, your environment and the people close to you.


When we are clear about your goals and have identified the possible outcomes, we can begin to plan the steps towards reaching those goals and deal with any obstacles and challenges that may arise as you go forward. 


Life Coaching can help you to get what you want out of life. I will work with you either until you are confidently on the way to achieving your goal, or until you have actually achieved it. Life Coaching is a dynamic process and we will continually assess progress. 


I achieved an INLPTA (International Neuro Linguist ProgrammeTrainers Association) Diploma in 2013 and also gained an Practitioner Level qualification in Hypnotherapy.


I achieved the INLPTA 'Certified Practitioner of the Art and Science of Neuro Linguistic Programming' award in April 2015 and am fully insured.




"I consulted Anne for some life-coaching support with an exciting project which I was having difficulty turning into reality. She helped me structure the sequence of necessary steps, and when I failed to keep to my timetable she helped me see where my expectations of myself were unrealistic, and supported me in designing a new schedule. We explored how my resentment of certain aspects of the project caused me problems, and how this was linked with old patterns which I was then able to move past. Anne was friendly, patient and resourceful. I appreciated her enthusiasm for my work, and the sense that she was really behind me in what I was trying to do. The fact that Anne is also a very experienced counsellor was obvious in her immediate understanding of me, and I felt safe in sharing my feelings openly with her, knowing that she would contain the process in a supportive and professional way. I recommend her!" M.


Follow your dreams........


I am passionate about supporting and encouraging people to achieve their goals. I achieved one my goals when I founded a business which successfully ran for 10 years. This required a great deal of perseverence and commitment and also challenged my confidence and my security. The outcome was a business I loved which gave me a great deal of satisfaction.


The cost of Life Coaching is bespoke according to your needs equivalent to an hourly rate of £55. An initial meeting for an hour is suggested so that a programme can be drawn up and agreed with you.


E mail: 
Phone: 07896 968518
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