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Counselling can help when we feel confused and distressed because of events that have happened to us. People often come to counselling to talk about relationship or work difficulties, illness, or grief for a loved one who is no longer in their life. 
Others come to counselling because they may be feeling generally dissatisfied and unhappy, wanting life to be different but being afraid of making changes. 
We may be stuck in patterns of behaviour or relating that are no longer helpful to us and we may be held back by anger, depression and anxiety.
During counselling sessions you will be able to share your thoughts and feelings in the safety of a confidential environment. My priority is that clients feel heard and respected and you will not be judged or criticised or told what you should do.  
Together we will work to unravel the root of the problems you are bringing and my intention is that you gradually gain a sense of understanding, power and purpose. This will help you to make the changes you want to make with confidence - and to move towards a more relaxed positive and happier way of living as a result.
It is important that you feel comfortable with the counsellor you are working with and I therefore offer you a 30 minute meeting, without charge or obligation. This gives us the opportunity to meet before you make a decision about whether or not you want to work with me, and gives me a chance to hear what issues you want to bring to counselling. 
No matter where clients are on their journey, I aim to encourage a sense of confidence, acceptance and appreciation for the adventures and challenges ahead of them. 


A few testimonials - 


"Words cannot express how truly life-changing the work I have had with Anne has been.  I have been freed from the constant search for understanding and inability to cope with my emotions.  Before now I can honestly say I didn't know who I was or why I felt a certain way.  Thanks to Anne this has changed.  I highly recommend Anne and her techniques"

C (Female)


"I often think of our sessions together and the fabulous changes I have been able to make in my life as a result of working with you.  You have been so inspirational"  J (Female)


"Thank you for being the catalyst.  I have made a quantum leap.  I certainly feel reborn"  M  (Female)


"Your expertise has changed my life"  S (Male)


"Our groundwork is paying off - can't thank you enough"  T (Female)

Counselling or Psychotherapy?
I understand that people hold very different definitions of counselling and psychotherapy. Some say that counselling is about short-term work addressing a crisis. Some might define psychotherapy as long-term work, which goes deeper and includes explorations of childhood experience. 
I tailor my service to suit the needs of my clients and I prefer not to define a difference between counselling and psychotherapy. I have a wide range of training and experience and can offer a variety of approaches to ensure that you are treated as an individual and can flourish and resolve any difficulties you bring to the sessions.
About me:
I am a fully qualified and professional counsellor/psychotherapist with a total of 23 years of experience in private practice in Devon. I see clients primarily in Newton Abbot during the daytime and early evening. Prior to beginning in private practice I used my counselling skills as a volunteer and as a Health Professional. 
I am an Accredited Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and abide by their Ethical Framework.
I am a member of Imago International and a Certified Relationship Therapist. 
Cost of Sessions:
Individuals - £55 per hour
Supervisees - £55 per hour, £80 1.5 hours
Couples: £65 per hour, £85 1.5 hours
E mail:
Phone: 07896 968518
Working remotely:
I also offer sessions online using Zoom having undertaken an 80 hour training followed by a brief training with the Open University. 
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